Welcome to a path with paws!

In 2006 I turned in my thermometer and vaccine needles for acupuncture needles and began a different path. I became the person that people turned to when their western veterinarian had run out of options and they had almost lost all hope. And so for me began an amazing journey into animals’ incredible ability to heal and work with illness.

lenawithlucysmallWhile I started off thinking that I might have the answers, I realized that I have as much to learn from the animals I treated, as they have to learn from me. Their healing journeys do not just involve them, but the humans that love them as well. These animals are amazing teachers in grace, patience, love and how to truly live yet they have no voice of their own. They come into our lives like guardian angels to walk along side us, never judging but always there with a lick or a purr of reassurance and comfort. They gently offer us guidance, never forcefully pushing. They are there when we feel like the world has failed us and also in the time of our greatest joys yet they do not expect anything besides our love in exchange for their support.

In my work, I see the incredible bond people and their animals share. The animals I work with are clearly a part of the family and treated as well, if not better than most children. I am saddened by the lack of support human caregivers of animals receive in this society. I often hear people say that their friends and family not only do not offer support but think they are crazy for caring for their animal friends. I feel like part of my work is to simply be there to support the wonderful people who care so deeply for these animals. In our society it has become acceptable to miss work for a sick child or parent, but it is still difficult for people to get time off work to care for a sick animal or be there with an animal who is dying.

In 2010 I became frustrated that there were so many animals getting cancer and that I couldn’t help them all, my practice was too full. I realized I had a lot of good information to share. And so began my three year journey to download everything cancer related from my brain. I have learned so much in the process as well and have heard stories from people all over the world living with animals with cancer. I am almost done with this book on cancer and it is all available to read here, Integrative and Holistic Cancer Therapies for dogs and cats. In 2012 because of all the requests I received for a place to buy good quality herbs for animals I opened my online herb shop Kingdom of Basil on etsy. These are the same herbs I use for all of my animal patients and are mixed and ground by either me or Kim. In 2014 we opened a healing clinic, Kingdom of Basil for both people and their animals. I hope you can visit us!

I hope this site can grow as a place that people, who walk their life’s path with companion animals, can form a community of support where they can come to share information and stories with others. I would also like to offer some of the stories I have about the amazing animals I have had the honor to work with. It has been exciting to see this site take on a life of its own over the years. If it is helpful to you please share it with your friends.

Best wishes,

Lena McCullough, DVM

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