Let’s play!

dogs-in-snow5So often our animals remind us how it is to be free to play and enjoy the world. Today while on vacation in Pacific Beach I saw a couple dogs running across the sand, their feet flying off the ground with every step. So happy, so in the moment. Barking wildly at their people to throw sticks, running against the wind, and having the time of their lives.

dogs-in-snow3 Today I also received some beautiful photos of Lucca and Sadie playing in the snow, in their element, jumping in the air, biting at the snow. How does it feel to be so happy and excited about life? Through our dogs we get to experience some of this, what greater gift. Laughing as we play and toss sticks or throw snow in the air. Laughing as we run after them in their joy which we are allowed to share in.



2 Responses to “Let’s play!”

  1. kate Says:

    My German shepherd and I play often, and he loves it when I laugh. He leaps up to lick my face.

    It’s fun too when I realize he learned things I didn’t teach him intentionally. Our yard gets muddy, and when I know his paws are dirty I’ve told him to “go around”, as I guide him around on the very large door mat in the mud room. Today I was distracted and said “go around” without guiding him, and turn to see my dog walking around on the mat, wiping his paws. It was too funny.

  2. Lena Says:

    It’s amazing how much they understand and know without us teaching them. I often think we don’t give dogs enough credit because they don’t speak our language. They understand more of our language than we understand of theirs!