What you give, you get back

Adam sent me this interesting article today, Communication with Cats. The guy who wrote it rigged up a special platform for his cat so they can drive around together.

I’ve often wondered why the animals I work with seem to be extra intelligent. He brings up the point that the more we communicate with our animals the more they communicate back. If we treat them like just an animal they give up on engaging with us. Makes a lot of sense. Once again they understand so much more than most people give them credit for.


3 Responses to “What you give, you get back”

  1. Jennifer Kogut Says:

    Did you see one of the comments to that article said this…:

    “For the past week or so I’ve had a germ of a science fiction idea in my head that involves cats being brought onboard for deep space exploration because they are able to see and detect things humans can’t. Nothing past that—it’s a germ of an idea—but I think something like that is not entirely implausible.”

    Cool idea!

  2. Jennifer Kogut Says:

    “While we might pity them for their vocal chord’s inability to utter human language, they’re probably pitying us for being too dumb to read the most basic of tail gestures.” LOL

  3. Lena Says:

    Yes, I think they understand us just fine. It’s us who don’t know how to speak cat (or dog)! Basil, my cat often says, “I am making this so clear to you human, why is it taking so long for you to get it.”