Very cool new blog from local hydrotherapy clinic

I just found out that my favorite hydrotherapy clinic has a new blog written by Paige, the resident dog, who also happens to be one of my dog clients. It is fun, interesting and has some beautiful photos of animals during hydrotherapy.

I get to share some of the most amazing animal patients with Wellsprings. While acupuncture is great for working with pain and stimulating nerves to work better, it can’t bring back muscle. Many of the dogs I work with are too weak to be able to exercise on land enough to build the muscle back up so need some help.

I always turn to Wellsprings to help with this work.

I have been amazed how well most dogs take to the water. I had one greyhound named Love I used to treat who used to love to run more than anything. As she got older she could no longer run and became depressed. Because she wasn’t a water dog her human mom was worried that she would not like swimming.

It turns out that not only did Love do ok in the water but once she figured out she could run in the water she loved it. Her mom sent me the greatest photos of her working in the pool with a giant smile on her face.

Here is the link to Front Paige News, Wellsprings’ new blog.

Top photo – Tony. Bottom photo – Spike. Both from Wellspring’s blog. Check it out to read more about these two dogs.

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