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3 Responses to “Want an article? Have an article?”

  1. rachel Says:

    hello, i have a 12 or 13 year old rescue (black lab/little bit of chow mix) who has suddenly exhibited strange behavior. periods of acting normal followed by periods of becoming startled, pacing/wanting all interior doors open in the house, panting, wanting to go outside/wanting to come inside immediately. he also does not want to be touched. then followed by extreme clinginess (and yes, he was a rescue and was hand-shy when he was younger, but less so.) at first we thought it was hearing loss as if his hearing would come and go. however now we are wondering if it is Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS) or doggie alzheimers and what we should do. we have tried giving him lorazepam and it did not work to calm him down, and are wondering if there is more natural solution you might be able to suggest. 🙂 thanks

  2. Lena McCullough, DVM Says:

    Hi Rachel,
    There is an article I wrote awhile back on dementia and anxiety in older dogs. Hopefully it will be helpful. Search under stories and articles to find it
    Best wishes,

  3. Lena McCullough, DVM Says:

    Here is the link http://pathwithpaws.com/blog/2010/02/01/dementia-and-anxiety-in-your-older-dog-what-to-do/