A Puppy in Your Path

A Puppy in Your Path

Today as I was walking

I couldn’t help but feel

This thousand-pound weight

Holding me to the ground.

It tugged on my dreams

that usually float in the sky,

So that I was staring down at them,

Loathing around my feet.

then: out jumped a motion from my right side eye!

a puppy! Bouncing at me!

it hopped from side to side

landing on my toes.

it licked my hand

and said, “I pick you!”

“Me?” I said looking around

“Yes, *you*!” the puppy grinned.

As I pet this floppy brown foil of my compressed mood,

I only felt the fur, softly gliding through my palm.

I only felt the energy, of love given and returned.

Then the puppy hopped away and said, “I love you!”

And it was gone.

My heart beat, was it beating before?

The sun shone, was it shining before?

My face smiled, could it do that before?

My dreams went back up to the sky to whisper to the gods:

“The self-pity is gone

And she is ready to live-

To spread the word to others that

there is always a puppy in your path”.

Based on true events at St. Scholastica Monastery on


-Katie Schleicher

Janell Osborn sent this poem, written by her daughter Katie, out to the veterinary botanical medicine email list today. It really touched my heart on so many different levels. They gave me permission to share it with you. I hope it touches you also.

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