The Internet brings the world closer

Part of why I started Path With Paws was to be able to spread information to all the corners of the world. It is so touching for me to hear the stories of animals who have done well because of information I have been able to provide or stories I can share. It is truly a small world out there on the Internet. I have received emails and comments from people on every continent.

Today I received a photo of a dog named Binny from Canada. Binny’s people found some of the information on bone cancer I had posted and decided to go ahead with amputation for Binny and herbal treatments. I think you can see from the photo that Binny is quite happy with three legs. Her mom says “she was already feeling better then before the surgery at the end of the 1st week post op. She is just great now.” I hope that Binny is able to have a long and happy life full of many days of play and fun!

I hope because of dogs like Binny that others will be able to help their animals when cancer is diagnosed. There is nothing that compares to reading stories of real animals living with cancer.

Thank you for letting me share Binny’s photo!

By the way, here is Binny’s extended family enjoying the snow!

It makes me want to move to the country and have a herd of dogs and cats!

One Response to “The Internet brings the world closer”

  1. Mimi (Binny's mom) Says:

    Maggie’s story convinced us to go ahead with amputation and herbal treatments,
    I hope that Binny’s story will convince someone else not to give up and keep fighting.

    Thank you very much, Lena, for sharing your knowledge and experience.