Alli gets a new collar

Alli received a new collar and leash in the mail yesterday. After much looking around Adam and I found one we both liked. We started with him wanting a black collar and me wanting a lavender collar with stars or flowers. This one seems to have a bit of a modern art theme with some lavender and purple. Not to feminine, not too masculine, but instead just right.

We found this one in a shop on etsy called 3 pooches. They have an amazing selection of beautiful collars, all made to order. I am very happy with the quality and Alli seems pleased as well. She was holding her head high at the dog park yesterday and turning heads. It took a couple weeks but well worth it to get just what we wanted.

I have long been a fan of etsy but now after having my own shop Kingdom of Basil, I’ve made ever more of an effect to support some of the other artists that are part of this community.

To me etsy feels a bit like an online craft fair. If you haven’t visited please come by and take a look! I’ve bought some amazing original homemade clothing for humans also.

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