New study out on using Turkey Tail mushroom extract for hemangiosarcoma in dogs

Exciting news this week!

The University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School just released a study showing that the Turkey Tail mushroom extract, PSP, significantly increased survival of dogs with hemangiosarcoma. Compound Derived Mushroom Lengthens Survival Time in Dogs with Cancer.

This study showed that at a very high dose of this compound (100mg/kg/day), average survival in dogs with hemangiosarcoma was 199 days. This is about twice the survival of doing nothing and better than any chemotherapy survival times that I have seen.

However I am cautiously optimistic. This study was funded by the herbal company, Imyunity that makes this very expensive compound. While I know that most studies are funded by drug/compound companies, I always hesitate when viewing the results because I believe the results can be biased.

I also wonder if these studies are reproducible with other cheaper PSP compounds like this one Coriolus-PSP or with whole turkey tail mushrooms.

At this point I am excited to add Turkey Tail into my existing protocol and see what happens. I see no down side beyond cost and I do plan to use the cheaper supplements.

I have a lot of faith in Steve Marsden’s protocol that I have started using and am excited to see if the addition of Turkey Tail helps some of these dogs even more. See The hardest cancer – how to treat hemangiosarcoma in Dogs.

If you are wanting to work with it yourself, the recommended dose would be about 2.4g per 50lb of dog or 6 400mg capsules a day.

Here is a good company if you want to work with the whole mushroom. Mushroom Harvest sells Turkey Tail in both capsules and powder form.

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