Senior Dog Herbal Support

old-dogpowderWhile I love during acupuncture on the sweet older dogs, I realize that not everyone can find an acupuncturist in their area or that the cost is just too much for some.

Herbals can also be a very good option. I’ve been selling a very safe and supportive herbal, called Senior Dog Support through my shop Kingdom of Basil.

Senior Dog Support contains herbs that help promote blood circulation, help ease arthritis pain and support the endocrine and organ functions of old dogs. It is also safe for cats although requires some creativity in administration, usually this involves making a tea.

This herbal is made up of a few herbs that help promote blood flow in the body. These herbs help support the bone marrow and help with the aches and pains that come with old age. In China these herbs are often added to chicken soup in the winter to help keep older people healthy.

  • Chinese Angelica root
  • Peony Root
  • Rehmannia Root which also supports the kidneys
  • Chinese lovage root

The next two herbs are used for arthritis. They also help reduce pain and are said to release wind and damp that are stuck in the joints.

  • Cinnamon twig
  • Gentiana root

In addition Senior dog support contains

  • Safflower which helps to invigorate the blood and add more lightness to the step
  • Corydalis, a powerful pain herb
  • and

  • Devil’s Club Root -a northwest native adaptogen herbal which helps support the endocrine systems of the body and also has an effect on arthritis inflammation. I have been in love with this herb for older dogs as I feel like it gives them more vitality as they age.

I have had had many people comment that their older dogs do much better on this herbal formula. It can safely be used with glucosamine, steroids, Tramadol, and/or the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like Rimadyl.

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2 Responses to “Senior Dog Herbal Support”

  1. karen Says:

    I was wondering were would I get the dosage for weight of dog or cat.I love this web site because Iam certified in small animal acupressure please keep sending great information.

  2. Lena Says:

    Hi Karen,
    Generally for a cat and very small dogs it would be 1/8 teaspoon twice a day, dogs under about 25lbs but not very small 1/4 teaspoon twice a day, dogs 25-60lb 1/2 teaspoon twice a day and large dogs over 60lb 1 teaspoon twice a day. This can vary a little animal to animal and sometimes I will dose cats once a day because of the stress involved with giving medications. Cats often times I will have people brew the herbs and then give the liquid with a syringe.