Spring Detox Formula for Dogs

IMG_0263It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to go into my pharmacy and play! I love working with all the herbs and using them to help my animal friends. Spring is in the air and along with it the explosion of pollens and allergens. Spring is also a good time to clean out any toxins in the blood, because as the weather warms our circulation picks up.

So today I got to make a wonderful and safe little western formula for our animal friends. Although I’m also sitting here while sipping the tea I just made from the formula. I love the supportive and bitter aftertones of the flavors!

So what herbs volunteered for this spring detox formula?

  • Nettles Yes they can string you but they are also great for allergies and are a good tonic for the blood
  • Dandelion root and leaf – My favorite weed is a great tonic and liver cleanser
  • Burdock root – Roots are great tonics. This one helps to support the blood, clears the skin, detoxes the liver and clears waste materials out of our bodies
  • Milk Thistle – A very strong liver protectant.
  • Goji Berry – I love goji berries! Yummy and very good for the blood.
  • Oregon Grape Root Oregon grape is a great liver tonic and is also antibacterial. A great herb for spring detox!
  • Eyebright I bet you can guess what eyebright does! However I also find it has a quality of helping us to see the world clearly and be present in every moment. Very appropriate for the new beginnings of
    spring if you ask me!

As with all the formulas I make, this one is available in my etsy shop Kingdom of Basil

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