When did everything start smelling so bad? Part of recovery I assume

The last few days my sense of smell has increased by about 10X. I never knew there was anything wrong with it but maybe there was. Suddenly everything stinks, did the couch smell before? Did the dog smell before? Do I stink? The banana sitting in the kitchen is somewhat nauseating and I’m not in the kitchen. And god the cat’s breath is bad! Martin has been telling me that for awhile. Eating meat is suddenly hard because it stinks. I’m pretty sure my sense of smell has never been this good, ever!

I’m been experimenting with bringing the normality of my lucid dreams to life, doing Dr. Farias new exercises, wearing compression gloves, renaming my normal non-rigid self and trying to separate the Parkinson’s program that boots up over my normal from my normal brain programming. I now wake up in the mornings pretty normal besides the functional paralysis in my left hand and neck tremors that clear when I sit up. Today I just took citicoline, glutathione, fish oil, and about 1mg of nicotine and felt extremely good, definitely one of my best days since this all started with no PD medication. My shake is a little more (wind leaving?) but everything else is better and my facial ability to show expression is amazing today – maybe even too much so as my eyelids and lips are a little hyperresponsive.

When I wake up in the morning I feel my normal body then I feel the Parkinson’s program boot on top of the normal. I can now get the Parkinson’s program to not completely boot by realizing it is not part of my normal brain – I’m hoping with time to enhance this. And I’m hoping to get enough clarity on what I’m doing to explain it better. I can feel my du channel (the channel that is blocked in PD according to Janice Hadlock) and it’s open a good portion of the time. Mine was definitely closed before.

The Parkinson’s is still there but it is separating from my normal underneath and I can feel it is not part of me – almost like a snake ready to shed an old skin. I still do much better when I’m alone or around people I know very well (Janice’s partial recovery?). I expect ups and downs in this process – two steps forward, one step back.

I’m like a leaf in the steam of creation (bonus points if you know the reference!)

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