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Pascal’s feeding box and night time yowling

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

My friends Jenn and Jeff made this awesome feeding box for their new cat Pascal. He is 15 years old and needs to eat in the middle of the night but they have another cat who would eat all the food if they left it out.

Jeff bought a large rubbermaid box and a cat door with a magnetic collar and put them together. I think this is genius and I wish he would start marketing these. I know so many households with one very large hungry cat and one very small cat. Jeff has some great photos on his blog of the resulting box and more about Pascal. Here is Pascal’s story.

Pascal also recently became a patient of mine and gets acupuncture and herbs for his recently diagnosed renal failure and for night time yowling. Jenn and Jeff have reported back that Pascal’s yowling is much less and he is playing more and seems happier.

Yowling can be a problem in older cats. In Chinese medicine we say it is often from the water of the kidneys being deficient and not controlling the fire of the heart. Because of this, yowling is common in cats with renal disease. Acupuncture and herbs can be a great tool for treating this in many cats. Although unfortunately I had another cat I treated recently where the acupuncture did not help.

Night time yowling can also be a sign of thyroid issues which needs to be treated with western medicine. So if your cat is yowling at night the first step is to get blood work run to rule out a thyroid issue. There is a great western treatment for thyroid disorder which involves injecting radioactive iodine which destroys the benign thyroid tumor that causes this disorder. Sounds strange but it is a safe and effective treatment. I have been through it with two of my cats and a number of the animals I work with have had this treatment including Pascal.