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Lena – Thank you for your speedy and thoughtful response.

My little one has been eating raw rabbit. And I did have her on metacam until her anipryl dose was raised then I took her off it. Perhaps the metacam was calming her. Our vet suggested benadryl instead of valium for sedation. I think I should have gone straight to the valium. At this point, concern over drug interaction isn’t really a issue for me, unless it makes her more anxious.

I gave her melatonin tonight, no anipryl today, and added back the metacam. She’s sleeping sound for the moment. But that can change at 3 in the morning.

I am grateful for your input. You have confirmed what I know in my heart – that whatever progress she makes, if any, will be fleeting.

Aside from the unbearable, awful stuff, it’s the few seconds of the wag of her tail and her hearty appetite that tricks my mind into thinking she’s still in there. But the reality is, those bits of her left, are just bits. Most of my sweet little dog is gone. I already miss her terribly even though her heart is still beating.

I wish she’d go on her own. The guilt of euthanizing is just another layer of awful.

Thank you for this blog. I did take comfort in reading other posts. Certainly, I am not the first, nor will be the last to go through this.

Wish I were stronger for her.