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Sometimes a dog’s body does have a problem with processing drugs as they get older. Usually with the Valium it is more of how their body reacts to it. Even in young dogs there can be a large difference in how sedating it is and in about 5-10% of dogs it is actually stimulating instead.

It is so difficult with these older dogs because what works well for one may not for another. The things I have found work in the most dogs are the small meals right before bed and the thundershirt. But I have seen valium, anipryl, melatonin, gingko, acupuncture, other herbals, tranquility tonic, any some of the other things I mention help dogs where the meal and thundershirt did not. And sometimes it is finding the right combination.

It is a very difficult place to be for us human caregivers.

Thank you everyone for adding to this discussion.