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I am thinking of you Pam and Marisa. My almost 14 year old lab mix developed doggy dementia in the latter part of last year. His major symptoms were pacing/barking/moaning most of the night from sun up to sun down. He was always hungry, like he’d forget he’d just eaten. history of tummy troubles, so diet was restricted. Because if the other meds he was on, our pharmaceutical options were limited. Xanax and valium didn’t help much, as we know, different things work for different dogs. And he was a lab who hated water so go figure 😉 in the natural realm I tried bachs, melatonin, the thundershirt, herbal combos with ginkgo.. Over the course of 3 months I spent most nights in the living room since he seemed a bit calmer in there. Left the TV and lights on which sometimes helped. Gave him lots of love and myself peace of mind by trying all the options I could find before deciding to let him go. I applaud your efforts to work with your pup in finding solutions that work. It is hard especially with your own sleep deprivation. I don’t have any human children – I keep thinking, this must be what it’s like! Sending thoughts of peace to you, Charlotte