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Perhaps you can provide some help here. I have an 8 year-old shitzu that has recently developed what can only be termed anxiety at night in bed. He sleeps in our bed, and he will, after a couple of hours, jump out of the bed, walk around the bedroom, lay down next to the bed, then walk some more. He may then jump back onto the bed, try to get comfortable for awhile, then repeat the previous. This will go on for an hour or so, then he’ll get back onto the bed, and be OK for the rest of the night. I’ve taken him to the vet, who said it would be unusual for dementia to be the cause at 8 years. He did basic physical, and said all appeared fine. He also excised anal glands, which he said could be causing it. He is not in any pain that we could determine. HE also suggested a half a Prevacid, and to cut down on food close to bedtime. Should he be doing more testing (I wouldn’t even know what to suggest)? He sleeps a lot during the day – the vet says this is normal. HE does play with toys, but not as much as before. He is not disoriented, walks and eats OK. ANy ideas what else I should be doing? It’s quite disturbing. THanks.