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Hi Pam – Yes was glad although the normal vet did give her an antibiotic shot before we took her to the specialist…it was a little frustrating as that bill was $500 for chest xrays etc then another $900 at the specialist who of course wanted another set of xrays as the other vet didn’t sedate her & they weren’t clear enough – an expensive 48hours!

She has Degenerative myelopathy (disease of the spinal cord) our everyday vet just put it down to old age. The specialist took one look at her and saw that her back legs were weak, partially limp tail,lost muscle condition and would drag her paws occaisonally when walking. She unfortunately will become paralysed in the back legs over time. They are tough they just keep wagging their tails. I have to admit I haven’t seen a huge impact since the diffuser (but the vet did say need to give it 3 months!!) It really is hit & miss, the specialist did say there really is no real solution to it – otherise humans would not suffer from it like they do (I mean basically humans are generally put into a home where they are looked after and prevented from hurting themselves with their wandering etc – when they get bad)

Sorry about the long reply, as you know it does become very frustrating and tiring….