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The DM I can handle, we just walk her less when her feet start to drag but we have her out everyday, unless it is too hot. I don’t think I would go down the cart route,I think when it gets to that stage we will put her to sleep – Mags also has a slight lean to the left as well, after her two episodes of geriatric vestibular disease in the past 2 years.

I like the idea of acupuncture but she isn’t a great candidate as she doesn’t like to stay still for too long (the vet agrees)

The dementia seems to be the same however we have put her in the dining room for the last 2 nights and the one positive is we don’t hear her wandering or scratching sooo we are sleeping through – I am sure she still does all the things she did but it doesn’t affect us!(I feel like a bad parent) As long as she doesn’t start barking or howling we will be OK.