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Lena –

I am still following these posts even though my little girl is gone. I think of Charlotte often and wonder what I could have done differently. I pose this question to help others now dealing with this.

I am wondering what you think of the sublingual type of melatonin for dogs. It occurred to me that since older dogs digestive systems don’t absorb nutrients and drugs very well, perhaps if one could spray the melatonin under the tongue as a sublingual – people might have better success with it working for their dogs. I’ve never used the spray (only sublingual tablets) on myself, but know that it gets in the system faster. I imagine it’s the same for dogs? Might be worth trying for those who are running out of options.

My other question is… Can people be given valium shots/syringes to take home to inject their dogs so they all have a restful night? Or can the injectible valium only be given by a vet or vet tech?

I my heart goes out to all of you who are struggling with doggie dementia.