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Hi Katy,

It is always hard to look back and wonder. I think we all do the best we can at the time. I also sometimes think back to my dog Jake who had dementia and wonder if I had taken different paths if it would have been easier. However I think in the end he would have ended up in the same place. Even with everything I have seen help it seems like in the end it reaches a point where nothing works.

As far as sublingual melatonin I’m not sure they have anything other then the pills and I those needs to stay under the tongue awhile to absorb so I am not sure if that would work well. If there is a liquid form that may be a good option, although even with a liquid you would need to to be under the tongue a certain amount of time.

The problem with injectible valium is that it really needs to be given IV into a vein to work well. It does not work to give it sub-Q. So unless they had a port in it would not be very useful. It also clears pretty fast after being given IV, oral lasts a lot longer.