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Hi Pam – we are getting sleep with Maggie sleeping in the dining room, however she has been peeing & pooing inside alot more and her back legs are getting very weak whilst standing. I am sure she is getting confused about where she needs to go to the toliet – we keep the back door open at all times. Time is certainly running out for her unfortunately – but we are just not there yet…

Hi Nadine – welcome! Unfortunately the melatonin only worked for a little while with Maggie too. As you have probably read she now sleeps in the dining room where we can keep her contained and not wake us up numerous times during the night. I feel bad doing it but it has given us back our sleep – maybe you could set her up in the laundry/bathroom to keep her from wandering around(believe me that gets very frustrating very quickly) some nights I had to sleep on the couch so I could quickly get her and put her back on her bed. Her appetite is pretty good however I have to add something tasty to her kibble to entice her to eat it all. Good luck with Daisy – unfortunately there is no hard and fast answer to deal with it…but maybe read some of Lena’s suggestions.