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Hi. I am so pleased to have found this forum. I took my dog Dusky, 13yrs, to the vet today as he was panting and roaming around at night. I thought he had a lung infection. However, he has been diagnosed with dementia and I was given diazepam to give him on an evening and tomorrow I have to collect tablets for his dementia.

When tonight arrived I decided I could not give him diazepam, after I researched the potential effects.

Soon changed my mind when the anxiety kicked in and the panting and restlessness started. I gave him a half tablet and I have not known such peace on a night for weeks. He is fast asleep. I also took a chinese herbalist advice and gave him a bowl of tea. I was told to walk him twice a day for about 15mins as it helps with blood flow to the brain.

I was feeling really down until I arrived here and realised so many folk are going through the same heartache and stress, with little sleep during the night. I will make sure that Dusky does not have to keep on living when things get too bad for him. Until then, I am going to enjoy every moment we have together. I wish you all the very best.