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Thanks for the follow up. I will continue to give him the SanSheDan, but will hold off on the other two Chinese herbals until consulting with a holistic vet.

I had not seen anything online about pamidronate. Ill inquire with our vet about this as an option. Radiation isnt going to be an option for us because its going to be too costly I believe. We are in agreement that we would like to do the amputation, assuming that we can get comfort from a doctor that they feel comfortable in being able to fully excise the tumor. But, in reality, we’re probably not going to be able to have the surgery scheduled for another week or two. He’s in quite a bit of discomfort in the near term, so we’re trying to find ways to keep him as comfortable as possible until then. The Tramadol doesnt seem to help him get through the night, so I think we’re going to have to continue with the Morphine once a day (at night) for the next week or so.

Ill update as things progress.