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Hi Ajmax,

I hope it isn’t osteosarcoma. It is an unusually location for it but is a possibility.

I have used all the Chinese herbals you mention together. I usually do not use all of them if there are not lung mets but also am usually doing acupuncture with the animals I treat. It might be very helpful to find a holistic vet who can take a look at him and help come up with the best protocol that is specific. Bulldogs tend to be damp and if he is the herbals like Si Miao San and/or Hoxsey make be more appropriate for him however they will be able to determine that much better by seeing him.

I have had dogs I treat get treatments with pamidronate and it seems to help at least for awhile and they seem to tolerate it very well. It is a fairly new treatment but if amputation is not an option that and radiation might be good options. The best pain management I have seen for osteo is a combo of radiation, pamidronate, gabapentin, tramodol and a NSAID (like Rimadyl). I don’t like morphine long term because of the side effects. Please read the warning about artemisinin and radiation.

You are doing a lot for him. He is a lucky guy to have people who care about him so much!

My best advice would be to find a holistic vet to work with. Not only are they going to be able to work with you on protocol but they can also change that protocol if it needs to be changed as you go through treatment with him. In addition they may be able to do acupuncture with him, which I highly recommend. If you haven’t seen my article on finding one here it is

best wishes,