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From Sharon –


Okay I have collected the following:

Artemisinin 100 mg

Hepasunate 50 mg

K9 Plus wafers

GNC Ultra Mega Superfood Complex

Meeker Rasperry powder (waiting on it – not here yet)

So – now trying to figure out what to give whom and how much

Bailey is the one with the amputated leg – he has not yet started chemo – he weighs 80 #

Bongo cannot have surgery – started radiation therapy – he weighs #116

I know that Arte cannot be given while undergoing radiation – same with Hepasunate?

Any recommendations greatly appreciated. Bongo is also on Tramadol 50 – 4 tabs every 8 hours; Carprofen 100 1 every 12 hours; and Gabapentin 600 1/2 tab every 8 hours

Thank you again