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Hello Lena, my boxer Lola was diagnosed with stage 1 osteosarcoma in her lower jaw back in June of this year. Before we did anything her oncologist recommended that she do a chest x ray to check for spread and also a cat scan of the jaw to see where to direct the surgery. She said the chest x ray showed no spread of the cancer so removal of half of the lower jaw would be the best fit.

I did that and when Lola got out, she said that they got it all out, the margins were clean and there was no need for chemo. I was very worried about not doing chemo but she said that her and a group of 4 other doctors all felt the same. She got an infection about 2 months later and had to be rushed in where they treated her with a strong dose of antibiotic etc. She recovered and has been fine since, eating well, drinking, full of energy and life.

The Dr did no follow up with any blood-work, a chest x ray or bone scan as it’s mentioned on so may sites. This has a high incidence of spread and I am shocked by her lack of follow up with such a serious cancer. She said see you in 6 months for a chest x ray just to be sure, so that;s what I did. I took her in last night for her 6 month follow up and had a chest x ray done. The dr said her lymph nodes felt good and were not swollen and the surgery site looked wonderful. She came out from the chest x ray and sai there were 3 concerning spots on her lungs. I immediately froze and said but you told me not to do the chemo. She said I would have made the same decision based on what we knew of the tumor then. I am getting the official results from the radiologist today but I know it’s metastasis.

She said it could be age spots but that’s highly unlikely I feel. I am unsure what to do at this point. She is 8 yrs old and health otherwise except for hypothyroidism which she takes a pill for. She also said that the chemo would not work at this point but that there are other ‘therapies’ available to shrink it. I feel she should have done the chemo back then but she insisted there was no reason to put her through it.

My question is what do I do now? get a 2nd opinion if it did mets or start your 2 drugs mentioned or both? Also possibly acupuncture? I just want to save my baby.

I’m referring to the : Artemisinin and Sanshedan Chuanbeiye

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

Adrienne and Lola