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What beautiful boys!I am so sorry you are dealing with this. That is so difficult to have two be diagnosed at the same time. If you haven’t found my article on osteosarcoma here it is . It outlines what I use with my clients.

One important thing – do not use artemisinin in Bongo while he is undergoing radiation or for a month after. The radiation treatments do wonders for pain – I am so glad you are doing them. I am currently working with one dog who was not a candidate for amputation and he had one radiation treatment and we are about three months out from radiation and six months out from diagnosis and he barely limps. Hoxsey with boneset may also be a consideration for pain if it fits. Hopefully the acupuncturist you work with will have some good ideas. If they are not an herbalist you can send them my article.

best wishes and healing thoughts! Let me know how everything goes.