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Hi Lisa,

Metronomic is kind of a weird term in that it can mean something slightly different from person to person. I have seen dogs do well on lower dose less toxic oral drugs given daily or in an on for a few days off for a many days cycle. With chemo I usually defer to the oncologists since they are the most up on what works the best and what is new. I don’t feel like my knowledge is strong there. If you have an oncologist in your area it might be worth a consult with them unless your vet does a lot of chemotherapy work. They may tell you that oral chemo works well for fibrosarcoma or they may tell you it does not. The last thing I would want is for him to be on a toxic oral drug that is not going to help. A stronger chemo drug would probably be better in that case. However if the orals will work well then that may very well be the way to go.

best wishes,