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Last week, not one, but two of my dogs were diagnosed with Osteosarcoma. Bailey a 9 year old mutt started to limp – turned out to be tumor in left hind leg. It was amputated on Wed. at NC State. He is home and doing beautifully – diagnostic report not yet back – they sent entire limb to path for diagnostics. Two days later, one of my livestock guardian dogs – Bongo was diagnosed – he had a swelling on his front carpal and limping. He is now at NC State awaiting his first radiation treatment tomorrow. He is not a candidate for surgery due to a) front limb, and b) he has cruciate ligament disease in both hind legs. He is a large dog – part Anatolian Shepherd – part Great Pyr.

I have contacted two different certified acupuncture vets for consultation. I have also found the Artemin you recommend. I am a little numb at the moment – having two simultaneous shocks to deal with. Anything else you can recommend? We will meet with oncology to discuss Bailey in two weeks when he goes to get staples out.

Thank you for any help. You can see my beautiful boys on my website