Re: Cushings Disease


Interesting! When I had originally found out about this, I assumed SARDS. But the vet told me that SARDS is most of the time caused by Cushings? I believe it sounds like you feel they are two separate issues, not related, but similar?

I realize there is some varied opinions on this.

She is potbellied, has had an a ravenous appetite. I think thats where she got cushings as the cause of the SARDS? We have noticed her begging more for food/water. She asked if we wanted to do the testing, but we weren’t fans of the treatment method or the testing that had to be done to even continue on the treatment.

I realize that we really can’t do much about the SARDS … and we will cope with the blindness.

Is it safe to continue down this path of the raw foods and the Si Miao San even if we dont get the official test for Cushings?

(I appreciate that you took the time to answer my post … its so hard to process this and we just want to do the very best we can for our Mija)