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The sweet potato is better cooked for any dog or human as you get more of the effect to help with digestion and you still get all the vit A (however it isn’t harmful if it is not), I actually like using the big cans that you buy for pies (pumpkin is also fine).

Mushrooms should be cooked – you get more of the medicinal and immune stimulant effect (you get very little if they are not) and mushrooms have mild toxic properties if eaten raw. Actually a very good question that I should add to the article.

All other veggies are fine raw or cooked – if you cook them steaming lightly is the way to go because you don’t loss as much of the vits. You are right that raw you get even more vits but they are not always as tasty.

If she is on chemo then any meat should be cooked but the veggies are fine either way. If she isn’t on chemo raw meat is fine (except pork or fish) as long as it has been frozen first.

I hope the oncologist is able to help you with a good plan for Lola on Monday and I am sorry they are mets.