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Hi Adrienne,

I would highly recommend you set up a consultation with a veterinary oncologist even if you have to travel to find one. From my experience most osteosarcoma will spread if not treated either holistically or with chemo so I agree that it is highly possible that the spots are lung mets, although I hope with all my heart they are not. Once you have lung mets it becomes much more difficult to treat, the protocol I talk about for osteosarcoma may help slow things down by you need something stronger. While I have treated dogs holistically for lung mets see and (Lou is still with us and going strong) it is a very serious condition. I would also strongly recommend finding a holistic vet to work with who does acupuncture and herbs . In Lola’s case it might be worth working with an integrative approach between an oncologist and a holistic vet if these are lung mets they are seeing. If you can find a good acupuncturist but they are not an herbalist by all means bring them my article on lung mets and hopefully you can work together to come up with a good holistic protocol for Lola.

best wishes,