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Hi There,
Our dog Bella was diagnosed with Cushings Disease a year and a half ago. We were not comfortable with the side-effects of western drugs, so after extensive research we found a holistic vet.

We were devastated when Bella got sick because we have always made home-made food for her and taken very good care of her. She had been improving slowly with the Traditional Chinese Medicine treatments, but her improvements really changed dramatically within weeks of starting acupuncture treatments.

Under the guidance of the vet, we’ve been giving her a Custom Herbal Formulation (by KPC Products Inc.) and Pituitrophin PMG (By Standard Process). An ultrasound showed no tumours on her adrenal glands.

We are always looking for ways to improve how we’re treating her, which brought us to this website. After reading the diet recommendations we have some questions:

1) Why do you recommend cooked vegetables? We have always fed Bella raw vegetables (grated or chopped in the food-processor).

2) Do you also recommend cooking apples (which are also a main part of her diet)?

Teresa & Bella