Some thoughts on osteosarcoma-a follow up to Maggie’s story

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  • If I had to offer one piece of advice from working with these dogs it would be amputate if at all possible and the cancer has not yet spread to the lungs. Every dog I have treated has had problems with the pain before lung problems from metastasis. If they have three healthy legs and the cancer is in a leg, amputate and amputate early.
  • I have seen these dogs do so much better with combined treatments. Just chemo or radiation gets you so long, and just acupuncture can also extend life but the two together usually more than double the time and quality of life of these animals. Find a good oncologist or a veterinarian who specializes in cancer treatment and a good holistic acupuncturist and work with both.
  • Love, love, love. Once again a loved dog who has an important place in the family will do so much better.
  • Get many opinions. If one veterinarian tells you there is no hope talk to a second one. We all have our own experiences and expectations. There are many textbooks written on medicine but we all have our own tricks.
  • Find some support. Working with any family member with cancer is difficult emotionally and having someone who understands what you are going through can really help. Sometimes that is another member of the family but if you are all alone reach out through forums or support groups.
  • Research online. There is so much information available online although don’t believe everything you read.
    • Here is a super site on cancer in dogs.
    • Here is my cancer care page. I do not recommend using all the things listed on this page and usually do a consultation with clients to pick the best treatments for a particular animal.

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