Thor needs your help

thorPamela, a friend of mine and a very dedicated rescuer, asked for help is finding Thor a new foster home or a permanent adoption. If you can help or you know someone who can please contact her. Thor is in Seattle.

Pamela wrote:
My name is Pamela, I am fostering an American Bull Dog, M/N. I am fostering for Animals First Foundation. He is black and white. His previous owner about 1 1/2 years ago was in a wheel chair, got evicted, he was left homeless. He have been at AFF for over a year. At a bordering facility, he was neglected and the results were a very large wound on his chest. It is all healed. I am intensely working on obedience.thor2

I have a few more details about Thor. He his actually good with cats. My cats are dog friendly and can sense dogs that aren’t cat friendly. We are still testing him on dogs. HE is CRATE trained. He is NOT a barker, loves to watch tv on the couch with you.(couch potato) $7.00 a day will be paid while fostering Thor. His training is going so well that putting him back in the kennel situation would harm that training. He walks on a gentle lead.

There is some incentive for fostering. All supplies and medicals are paid for.
If interested please call me 206-427-6454
Pamela Brumell


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