Herbal treatments – plants holding cancer at bay

This post will be in development for awhile as I publish articles on the individual herbal supplements I use. Please check back as it grows.

Herbals formulas are my primary approach to treating cancer in animals along with acupuncture. I have to admit I am not a huge supplement person. Yes you can give Vit A, E, C, etc and they help but I find you get so much more from the herbs that I always gravitate towards them. That is not to say that there is only one way to treat cancer. I know other practitioners who get good results from various supplements.

I get the best results with treating cancer when I can individualize formulas for a particular animal. This means taking a full history and treating not just the cancer but other underlying deficiencies in that animal. This also helps me to determine what herbals are more likely to cause side effects with a particular animal.

This cancer book takes a more cookbook approach to treating cancer. Why do I bother to write this if it is more affective to look at each animal individually?

  • I have found there are certain deficiencies that produce certain cancers, for example many animals with lymphoma are prone to Chinese disease patterns that include damp heat or phlegm issues. This type of cancer generally is linked to these issues. Because of this I can usually guess at a deficiency or pattern just from the type of cancer an animal has. These articles are based on this assumption.
  • There are many places in the world where finding a holistic practitioners are difficult or impossible to find. This book can help to bridge that gap.
  • I consider most of these formulas to be fairly safe and they can be stopped if an animal does develop side effects.

If you live in an area with good veterinary herbalists or holistic practitioners I highly recommend you find one of them to work with. Even if you find a holistic practitioner who is not as familiar with herbs as I am, they can still help you individualize a protocol for your animal. Bring them my articles.

I also hope these articles help your western vet know what your dog or cat is on so that they understand what the herbals are doing. By all means send your vet the links to these articles or have them contact me if they have questions.

So below are the most common herbals I use for treating cancer

Also see Integrative and holistic approaches to cancer for the index of my book on cancer. As it is in development more sections will become available.

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