Hoxsey like formula – for dogs and cats with cancer

Cancer Detox Support is one of the only western herbal formulas I use for cancer. I love all the beautiful ingredients that go into it!

This formula is my own modification of a formula called Hoxsey formula. I used to use quite a bit of Hoxsey, but over the years I’ve realized it can be fairly harsh in some animals and this modification still works well but also make side effects rare. So was born my modified hoxsey formula.

This is a very powerful formula and very strong not only against cancer but other hard to manage inflammatory conditions. I also use this formula for autoimmune stomatitis/gingivitis in cats and severe inflammatory skin conditions in dogs.

The formula I make and use continues the following herbs

Oregon Grape, Burdock Root and Red Clover root should be the three main herbs in this formula. I also often add in Boneset if I am working with an animal with bone pain.

This formula works best for what would be considered damp heat or hot phlegm nodule tumors in Chinese medicine. The tumors, which respond the best to this formula, tend to be inflamed, painful, and fast moving. My main uses of this formula are for osteosarcoma (bone cancer), fibrosarcomas, lymphoma, melanoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.

This is a very cooling formula. You do not want to use this in an animal who runs cold.

The animals who respond best to this formula are hot, inflamed and excess. Picture a panting, thirsty, hot golden retriever with a history of skin disease and an outgoing hyper personality who has just been diagnosed with lymphoma or bone cancer and you get the picture.

I also use this formula quite a bit in cats. They actually tolerate it very well. Cats who do best on Cancer Detox, will usually still be slightly heat seeking, but have inflammation and pain around their cancer. Many people notice that while they still like heat they are less heat seeking then they used to be.
Cancer Detox helps reduce inflammation, helps with liver function and detox, and has many anti-cancer properties.

Oregon contains berberine which increases the body’s immunity. Red clover induces cancer cell death through apoptosis and induces cell differentiation. Poke root stimulates the immune system through its effects on the lymphatic system and white blood cells. Burdock helps to detox the body so it can work better against cancer. Prickly ash bark helps stimulate blood circulation and supports digestion. Red root helps with lymphatic drainage.

Together this formula kills cancer cells, induces apoptosis, stimulates the immune system, inhibits angiogenesis and induces cell differentiation. A pretty powerful combination!

Poke Root is toxic but used at the proper ratio amounts is safe to use. In some animals it will cause vomiting. It will sometimes lead to an increase in white blood cells on blood work, which can look like leukemia. A vet looking at blood work may be convinced that your animal has leukemia or an infection so make sure they know that your animal is on this formula and that it may increase the white cells. Over the years I have lowered by poke root content to 1-5% and have not seen vomiting since doing so. My commercial formula keeps it at 1%.

If this formula causes vomiting, it needs to be discontinued or combined with a formula which supports the stomach and digestion. Absolutely do not continue this formula if it makes an animal sick.

With my own dried powdered herbs I dose this formula at 1/8 teaspoon twice a day for cats and very small dogs, ¼ teaspoon for dogs 15-39lb, ½ teaspoon twice a day for dogs 40lb-80lb and 1 teaspoon twice a day for dogs greater than 80lbs. There is some variation on this so if a dose is too high for an animal but they do ok on a lower dose use that amount. I recommend starting with half a dose for the first week to make sure they will tolerate it. I sometimes take one day a week off from giving this formula. Cats sometimes tolerate it better given once a day.

If you are working with a vet, Animal Essential‘s vet line includes a Hoxsey like formula similar to this one and there are other veterinary sources. Boneset should be 10% of the formula if you add it. I also sell this formula with and without boneset in my Kingdom of Basil Etsy Shop.

As with all herbals mentioned on this website please check with your animal’s veterinarian before starting any herbals.

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2 Responses to “Hoxsey like formula – for dogs and cats with cancer”

  1. Eileen Says:

    I would LOVE to discuss my OS dog. I do Voluntary animal rescue. She just turned 4. She is also a therapy dog for handicapped children. She is my heart of hearts of the 15 here.She was misdiagnosed for months. Had a biopsy. Confirmed OS. Had to amputate front leg due to uncontrolled suffering pain. >Nothing HelpedExtract< I live in Orange County ,NY and have so MANY of these medicinals growing, BUT not enough confidence to take a chance other than my Burdock root, dandelion. I am NOT sure IF everything else I think is, really IS. I do not know ANYONE in my area to point out and show me. Photos are not good enough. Need to see it in real. I would like to get the dried herbs but also know it is the soil it grows in that makes it what it is to benefit what it is. She is a 4 year old 138 lb Newfie. She loves the Essiac tea, so no problem giving anything. OR I can syringe orally. She so far is a fighter with a love of life. I am doing everything I can. I agree 100% with weeds etc. on this earth for a purpose. I just want to be sure I do it exactly right for this precious dog. I read through your plants, but again I am not sure who to get it from, what part of plant? Roots, flower, Stem? Leaf? and quantity? Tea? If so how much of what to how much water. Steep for about 10 Minutes? You know where I am going.
    THANK YOU! setdesigns0@gmail.com
    Warmest Regards

  2. Lena McCullough, DVM Says:

    Hi Eileen,
    I find most dogs do best on ground whole dried raw herbs mixed in food and it is easy. I buy my western herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs and have tried to provide links to the where to get the Chinese ones in the individual articles. Essiac is very similar to Hoxsey although less strong but also with less potential for side effects. If at all possible she is you can find a veterinary acupuncturist to work with, these guys just do best if you can also add in acupuncture to the mix (and they may also be able to guild you on herbs).
    IVAS has a tool for finding an acupuncturist in your area http://www.ivas.org/Members/VetSearch/tabid/124/Default.aspx. Also ask around and see if you can get a recommendation, some of us are not IVAS certified.
    I hope she does well. She sounds like a lovely girl and four is just too young to get cancer.
    best wishes,