New book – The Proof is in the Poodle

My friend and colleague Donna Kelleher just put out a new book on her healing journeys with animals called, The Proof is in the Poodle. This book follows the lives of five animals: A bedraggled poodle-mix named Sampson, an opinionated terrier named Smudge, a rescued horse named Tino, a golden retriever named Jasper and a striped tabby cat named Tinkerbelle.

Although animal rescue and herbal medicine are continuous themes, the author explores the notion of healing, discovering that animals need inspiration to achieve optimum health. The book also follows the life of the author through hard-learned lessons and an unwavering dedication to animals as well as her mentor, a neighborhood herbalist. Readers come away with a new insight into the world of holistic veterinary medicine and new skills to improve the wellness of their own beloved animal companions.

Many of you may know Donna from her book The Last Chance Dog: and Other True Stories of Holistic Animal Healing. Donna is considered one of the pioneers of holistic medicine for animals worldwide. I was lucky enough to start up my practice in West Seattle right after she had moved away and was able to step into a very supportive community of animal people who were open and excited to embrace holistic medicine. If you have not read Last Chance Dog, I highly recommend it!

I just ordered Donna’s book and am looking forward to reading it and I promise to post a review soon! With this book Donna is also self publishing for the first time. Self publishing allows an author to keep more of the income generated from a book and also gives them more freedom to follow their own vision. To order Donna’s book go to her website The Proof is in the Poodle .

These days Donna has a holistic veterinary practice in Bellingham, Washington.

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