Casey Thomas is turning 19 years old!

It’s not every day you celebrate your 19th birthday and that is especially true if you are a dog. Tomorrow Casey Thomas will be turning 19 years old, making him the oldest little guy I have worked with so far.

Casey is a sweet little old man, with greying whiskers and fuzzy black feet. He can still be quite feisty, after all he is a terrier. He likes his short walks down the block although sometimes they are more about sniffing than walking and sometimes he asks to be carried back home. He doesn’t hear and see like he used to anymore but he is well loved and cared for. He loves to snuggle with his mom and aunt and likes to eat with his family, preferring to eat what they are eating these days and that is perfectly fine.

He pulled through a major bout of pneumonia this past year and we thought we might lose him but he is back to going strong. He loves his acupuncture, although hates the needles going in, that is when his feistiness comes up, did I mention he is a terrier. However acupuncture makes him immediately perk up and feel better. You can see the spring come back into his step.

Casey is well over 100 years old in human years. I hope I’m as healthy and loved as he is when I reach that age.

Happy Birthday!

6 Responses to “Casey Thomas is turning 19 years old!”

  1. Cherie Says:

    Happy Birthday Casey Thomas! Ask Mommy and Auntie for steak and eggs on your birthday, you deserve it. 🙂

  2. Don Says:

    Remember that ride on the airplane Casey………….you were almost a Fairbanks dog. But Debby decided to keep you. You are and have always been a very smart dog……………cute too, but very smart. Happy day……………Seattle dog

  3. Cathy Says:

    Happy Birthday Casey, looking forward to spending the weekend with you in a couple of weeks!

  4. Barbara Says:

    Lieber Casey,
    was für ein stolzes Alter und was für ein stolzer Hund. Du bist so süß! Ich hoffe Du lebst noch lange und unbeschwert. Ich denke an Dich und grüsse Dich ganz herzlich von Übersee – Deutschland.
    Barbara, Lars and Sam

    Happy Birthday Casey – last minute greetings and best wishes from overseas/Germany… I hope you had a great day and everybody spoiled you far too much… 19 years, what a proud age, what a proud dog :-)! I miss you as well as your buddy MOOSE and the cats and the two legged ladies who live in your house 😉 and Seattle! Say hi to everybody over there. Hope to see you again…soon!!!

  5. Eric & Michael Says:

    Happy belated Bday Casey T. I’m certain you were treated royally…terriers are the BEST!

  6. Chad Gerk Says:

    Oh my!! My Mutser!!!! I am glad to see Casey is doing so well. I am very confident Debbie gave him a great life out in seattle! I still think about him from time to time – I’ve missed him tons over the years! Happy birthday little guy!! Sadly I doubt you would have any idea who I am anymore! Hope you still spoil him rotten, but I already know you do.

    Happy B-Day – Casey!!