Saturday Herb Delivery

Herb deliveries are always fun. While the western herbs are usually more colorful and pretty, the Chinese herbs smell the best. This order included cinnamon, ginger, honeysuckle flowers, bupleurum, and ginseng to name a few.

Some of my cancer formulas are heavy on ginger, bupleurum, cinnamon and ginseng. Honeysuckle is good for cooling and detox and most often found is my formulas for itchy skin and inflammation.

Almost all my Chinese herbs come from a company called Spring Wind. Spring Wind is awesome!

Andy Ellis who started the company is extremely careful about the herbs he brings in from China. Everything is tested to make sure it is free of contaminates, pesticides, and toxins and is what it actually supposed to be (aka the right species). You may be able to find herbs for cheaper but I am happy to pay more to be sure my herbs are good and my animal patients are going to be safe.

There are sometimes that I can not get certain herbs because he can not find a good source. Most recently there was an issue with all the cicada casing being contaminated with pesticides. Go figure! We are so lucky to have such an amazing herb company is our community.

Spring Wind has a wonderful line of skin products and ointments for humans, they are after all a human company. Check it out!

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