Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Li Tang (bupleurum and dragon bone combination)

chjlmltChai Hu Jia Long Mu Li Tang is very similar in action to Xiao Chai Hu Tang however it is better at treating animals that have more heat and anxiety and I often use a modified version of this herbal for treating hemangiosarcoma.

Please read the section on Xiao Chai Hu Tang to learn about when to use both that formula and this one and about the signs of triple burner obstruction which is formula is also good for.

Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Li Tang contains the same ingredients as Xiao Chai Hu Tang with the addition of the following:

  • Fu Ling (poria) which helps to drain dampness and inflammation
  • Gui Zhi (cinnamon twig) which releases wind and clears obstruction in the body
  • Long Gu (dragon bone) and Mu Li (oyster shell) help to anchor the qi and help with anxiety
  • Da Huang (chinese rhubarb) – help to drain more heat and inflammation from the upper part of the body

So when do you decide to use Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Li Tang over Xiao Chai Hu Tang?

  • The number one place I use it is with hemangiosarcoma with the addition of 35g of Dang Gui and 35g of San Qi to 70g of CHJLMLT. The added San Qi is very good at helping to control bleeding in these dogs which is often what they end up dying from.
  • I also will use this formula in place of XCHT without the added herbs when a dog or cat is very anxious or has a lot of heat up in the head. Often this formula will fit for some of the very inflammatory, obstructive nasal tumors, very heat, anxious lymphoma dogs and any animal who is very hot and anxious with signs of triple burner obstruction.

Chai Hu Jia Long Mu Li Tang is available from my etsy shop Kingdom of Basil as is the modified formula for hemangiosarcoma I often use.

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