Gratitude and life

I have such a long article to write in my head about getting brain surgery last week in Switzerland but for now it’s not going up.

I’m not interested in the details at the moment even though I learned so much about the brain. What I’m interested in is resting in comfort, being able to take care of myself again and living.  My right leg is bothering me a lot and I’m trying not to focus on it as I think it will improve but the fact that my brain goes there is refreshing.  My brain is no longer wondering if I’ll get stuck walking, if I’ll be able to stand in a check out line, or when the next wave of convulsions will happen. Instead I have a dystonic somewhat painful leg and you know something – I’ll take it.

Tomorrow I return home to my son, animals, and friends.  I get to have a life again.  I get to shop, cook, and drive, do things with friends.  So I am rejoicing in that! I get to go back to the work I love soon and help animals again! I am not perfect but I am better and full of gratitude for that!  

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