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There is a lot of debate about the antioxidants. I tend to use artemisinin with antioxidants as I think the positives of the antioxidants outweigh any potential decrease in artemisinin’s ability to work. From a Chinese viewpoint I don’t see an interaction. I tend to dose artemisinin twice a day and don’t have exact times to give it. Some Chinese formulas do have times I prefer to give them. Melatonin I use more for dogs that sleep more in the day and less at night. It sounds like if she is sleeping less deeply that may be more a blood deficiency issue or possibly a shen disturbance. If you have a Chinese practitioner or holistic practitioner you can take her to they may be able to help you find something that will work well for her sleep. You could also try feeding her a canned or cooked food meat rich meal right before sleep.