Re: Bromelain


Hi Betsy,

I have never used Resinalle before. I would check with the vet who prescribed on your questions about giving it as hopefully they should know. I have found that a combo of acupuncture, chinese herbs and hydrotherapy really can get these guys back on their feet. The chinese herbs I use are fairly animal specific. Usually I just have them on one herbal and then often they are also on western drugs but all vets work different in practice and have our favorite approaches. Here is a link to my favorite hydrotherapy pool in my area. You may be able to find something similar in your area.

Here is a little article I wrote on paralysis a long time ago which may be helpful

And another which talks about how Chinese herbs are used

Personally I do not use supplements on an empty stomach, even those which are said to work better that way. I think it is just too hard to give them that way. The only supplements I have people give without a meal are appetite stimulants since usually they are not eating well and we don’t have a choice.