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Hello Lena,

I have a 7 year old Boxer who developed Lymphoma about two months ago. We have been doing chemo pills once per month and Baytril (antibiotic), a stomach pill and prednisone daily. Also, we have been giving her natural things too (Artemisinin, Milk thistle & Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang). Her liver count has been somewhat elevated and she has been doing good the last 2 months since we about lost her in Oct. You can’t tell anything is wrong with her, she is very active, eating great and has gained all her weight back. We thought the chemo was working however last week her Vulva started swelling. I took her back to the vet and they thought she had stones. After urine analysis, xray and blood work … no stones. She had a 4 mm crystal but no stones. The swelling has continued and is really large now. She is still voiding properly and eating great but it is really large. Bigger then a golf ball and it is red and draining clear liquid and some spotting. This hasn’t slowed her down, she’s still acting amazing and eating great. The vet told us to try Monistat, that it may be a yeast infection but this seemed to make it worse. He changed her antibiotic and said maybe it was infection but after 2 days its no better. He told me yesterday he thought it was cancer of the uterus however our boxer has no uterus and ovaries and from all we’ve read that’s where cancer of that region comes from. Do you have any ideas or has anyone experienced this? He told us we were going to have to put her down soon if she stops voiding.