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Dear Doc, I have a 3.5yrs old shih tzu who has swelling on most of her lymph nodes. We have already taken her to a vet and waiting for a biopsy which would probably come in 2 weeks time. The suspicion is that there is a high chance it is lymphoma cancer. Weirdly enough, two of her marmary glands were also swollen and were also taken out which the vet is not sure whether it is related.

After reading about artemisinin, I have already ordered artemin50 while waiting for the results of the biopsy and the intention is to start chemo and artemisinin. As there are no specified dosage on artermisinin, can i get your advise on the following questions:

1) Can we start artemin 50 before the results are out? In the hope that the swelling subsides.

2) She weighs 6kg or 13.2pounds, what dosage of artemin50 would you recommend?

3) Would you recommend any other type of herbal during her chemo? I have read that “Pu Zhong Yi Qi Tang” can help to reduce the side effects of chemo, have you have any experienced with this?

Thank you so much if you could help me with these queries and I can start immediately.