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Thanks doctor. I just got the blood results:

Haemoglobin 10.0 g.dL

Red Cell Count 4.1 x10(12)/L

Total White cell count 26.9 x10(9)/L

Neutrophils 49.0% Abs 13.18 x10(9)/L

Haematocrit (PCV) 0.28 <

This, the vet mentioned that is a bit low.

I will be starting her chemo in a couple of days and hope that the side effects for her will not be too drastic.

Also, for the artemisinin, my holistic vet is not familar with it and would be giving her his own combination herbs and acupunture. His advise is not to take any other herbs and supplements during this time.

To increase the success rate of her recovery, I am still considering giving her artemisinin or any other herbs. Can I have your opinion on this? Whether i should still be giving her artemisinin since it may not have any conflicting issue with other herbs and the chemo?

Thanks a million again!