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I’ve used artemisinin many times with other herbs and chemo. However that needs to be a decision between you and your vet.

I often have folks that come to me as clients with animals on other supplements that I don’t use myself that they have found online. I often explain that it isn’t that those supplements are bad or wrong but that I have their dog or cat in front of me and am able to pick supplements or herbs that I feel like fit the best for that animal. Usually we end up stopping what they are already on so I can use herbals/supplements I have seen work well and fit their animal well. It may be the same with your holistic vet – we all have tools that work well in our hands and I respect that. He knows you dog after all and may feel he has better tools then the artemisinin. I almost always use it because I feel like the dogs I treat for cancer do better on it but I have holistic veterinarians I am close to who treat cancer well with other herbals/supplements. There are many ways to work with cancer.