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Diane Bailey

April 23, 2012

Dear Dr. McCullough,

With tearful eyes I am writing you to let you know your website is truly wonderful. The way you convey your passion and understanding of animals with such sensitivity is so heartfelt and very much appreciated.

I discovered your website a few days ago and have read most of your articles. I was searching the internet to find out about Hoxsey Formula – Canine and thankfully came across your site.

I too, have a heartfelt story about my “Brandy,” a 12 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback/ Lab mix. We rescued her ten years ago from a very abusive situation. She has a story that needs to be told but right now I am so concerned about her health needs and do not want to over burden you. I have turned to you because I am so impressed with your knowledge and compassion. Here is a brief medical history:

Sixteen months ago Brandy had a soft tissue sarcoma of peripheral nerve sheath origin. Cells were at the edge of section so there was a high chance for recurrence. As this was a grade 1 tumor, the chance for metastasis was 10% or less (we opted not to do radiation because of the grade 1 and multiple treatments of anesthesia. We felt the quality of our dog’s life was more important than quantity. Dogs live for the day and we didn’t want her to suffer any pain or misunderstand our reasoning during trips to the doctor for this. We also felt we could do surgery again if there were a recurrence).

Last month 2 masses were discovered, both soft tissue sarcomas of peripheral nerve sheath origin. Cells were at the edge of section, so there was a high chance for recurrence. As this was a grade 2 tumor, the chance for metastasis was 20% or less. These could potentially be metastatic tumors with the axillary mass being metastatic from the carpus mass; however, these could also be separate primaries. There is no evidence of lymphoid tissue in the axillary mass that would indicate this is a lymph node.

However, our surgeon said the tumor surrounded the entire lymph node and no lymph node was present in the remaining area operated on. He stated that the axilla mass removed was as big as a large man’s fist. We never felt or observed this mass. We went to the surgeon to check a small pea size growth on her ankle. The doctor even examined her and wasn’t aware of the underarm tumor until she relaxed with us and her body became less tense. At that point he noticed that something was there.

The reason for discussing this is because I am thinking that the underarm tumor could have been there as her primary site or she had it for some time undetected. Her tumors are now at a grade 2. We had her x-rayed before surgery and her lungs were clear. Her blood work was also fine.

Have you had any patient success with this type of cancer? If so, what protocol did you use? Did you use Hoxsey Formula or what? My dog has a sensitive stomach and is a very picky eater. At the present she is eating Orijen dry food and cooked chicken. Also, we add Synovial Flex soft chews (2 per day) to her food mixture.

Our dog seems to be in good health, loves to walk twice a day and has a good appetite. She is a real love and is so special to everyone she comes in contact with.

I would appreciate any advice, or if there is a past patient history you could share, it would be helpful.